How to use Copy Disc in QQBoxx Pro 3?

Duplicate a disc and make copies effortlessly.

Copy Disc Operation

  • Select the Copy Disc under Jobs tab, then select an available auto loader.

    Choose Job in QQboxx Pro

  • Select the Source Drive where the original disc is located.

    Select source drive in QQboxx Pro

  • Set burning speed and number of copies. Click Advanced for additional settings such as emulation and erase. Click Print to set up label printing.

    Burn setting in QQboxx Pro

  • Preview settings and click Process to begin the burning process.

    Start job in QQboxx Pro

  • Copy Disc mode supports one original disc only at a time. Please check Interleave Copy or Box Set Copy for duplicating multiple original discs.
  • The function is only available on models which are capable of burning and printing in one process. For example: Nimbie Sidekick NK50Y System and Xymba USB DiscFlip (XB47/57).