Auto CD ripping with iTune/Windows Media Player via QQripper

Ripping CDs Automatically with iTunes / Windows Media Player

Via the bundled QQripper software, iTunes or Windows Media Player can rip CDs automatically with Nimbie USB Plus disc autoloader, audio tracks can simply be imported to database. Simplified user interface is easy to operate.

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Ripping automatically with Nimbie USB Plus via dBpoweramp or XLD

Lossless CD conversion with dBpoweramp and XLD

FLAC formats allows audio to be compressed without any loss in quality. Nimbie USB Plus can be used with dBpoweramp on Windows and XLD on Mac to rip CDs to lossless audio files.

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Dual Audio Format Encoding

Multi Encoder of dBpoweramp allows encoding to two audio formats simultaneously.


Create Personal Music CD Mix

QQboxx Pro3 allows users to edit and create CDs with their favorite mix of tracks.


Backup Your Precious Collection

QQboxx Pro3's Interleave Copy function allows multiple discs easily copied in one batch.

QQboxx Pro 3

Auto Disc Burning, Duplication, Backup and More

Whether it's for backing up to prevent accidental data loss or burning large amount of disc copies, Nimbie USB Plus disc autoloader can be operated under Windows with the bundled QQBoxx Pro 3 software as a writer or a reader. Applications such as burning .ISO image files, disc duplication, transferring data from discs to hard drives and more can be easily done with no human intervention. Job queues can also be assigned without interrupting ongoing projects.

Write to Discs Directly From HDD

Different functions including Burn Data and Burn Image are available for burning data directly from the PC to discs, and Burn Audio and Burn DVD-Video make burning audio CDs and DVD videos easier than ever.

Disc Duplication

QQboxx Pro 3 provide different ways to duplicate discs. Copy Disc function can be used to create multiple copies from a single master, Interleave Copy function allows users to make desired amounts of copies from multiple different master discs.

Backup Data from Discs to PC

Data can be read and stored from multiple discs on to hard drives as .ISO image files or in folders.

ImgBurn and Discribe Robotic Software Support

Nimbie USB Plus is also supported by 3rd party burning software programs such as ImgBurn on PC or Discribe Robotic on Mac.

Cataloging and Organizing Discs

Camel Disc Catalog on PC and Disc Catalog Maker on Mac can work with Nimbie via QQGetTray to generate a database to keep track and find any disk in a snap.

Hands Free Disc Loading Solution for Media Centers

It is convenient to be able to browse and play your movie collection directly from a media server, while the original disc copies are safely stored and kept from dusts and scratches. By running software such as My Movies or Get Digital Data with a Nimbie USB Plus disc autoloader, up to 100 discs of movies can be loaded to media centers continuously without human intervention. Detailed information such as titles, covers, director names can be automatically labeled to each movie, allowing other devices on the same network such as smart phones, laptops and tablets to easily browse and play your collections.

Integrated HTPC / WHS Solutions
Importing DVD Library Automatically for Media Server

Burn Playable Video DVD Copies

QQboxx Pro 3 software allows multiple job queues to be assigned. Simply set up the sources and amount of copies, DVD videos can be burnt from different .ISO image file or VIDEO_TS folders automatically.

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Burn DVD Video with ImgBurn

Nimbie USB Plus can also be operated with the popular burning software, ImgBurn, to burn DVDs from different video file formats and Video_TS folders.

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Copy Multiple DVDs at Once

Copy multiple master discs by interleaving and stacking master and blanks discs interleavely in the loader.*

* Discs with copy protection may not be duplicated.
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